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Thank you for being patient with us while we create our new blogsite! While you wait on the edge of your seat, you may be interested in the following information:

If you are interested in becoming a member, here's a link to print a membership form:


3rd Sunday of every month from 2 - 5 p.m. at Sew Pro's in Clairemont. The address is
Sew Pro, 4951-b Clairemont Dr , San Diego Ca 92117

4th Tuesday of every month from 6:30 - 9-ish at
No. Clmt. Rec. Ctr. Room 2, 4421 Bannock Ave., SD 92117

Here's our most recent Blueprints Newsletter - March 2009:

Next meeting:
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
North Clairemont Rec. Center
Senior Community Building
4421 Bannock Ave. San Diego, 92117
The purpose of the IOLCC is to share the joy of doll making and collecting and to bring this enjoyment to the community through exhibits, workshops & programs.


March Program for the 24th will be with Susan Berkowitz, who will be doing a presentation to the group to demonstrate and show about dolls she makes from a variety of materials and reclaimed objects, etc. If there is interest, she will preview a workshop, which she can teach in AprilSusan's description of her proposed workshop: thinking outside the box - dolls from found and made-as-needed materials This will be a somewhat unstructured class, with everyone's doll being different. We will all start with a box or can as our doll body base, but where each doll grows from there will be a result of the artist's collections of objects and materials, whimsy, and invention. Dolls will be created with avariety of art materials and found objects, and assembled with wire, string/yarn, glue, silicone, clay, rivets, eyelets, brads, screws..... We will discuss a variety of construction methods for attaching body parts, accessories and embellishments. A variety of embellishment methods and materials; including paint, decoupage, polymer and air dry clays, tin can and found metal pieces, fabrics, and more. A variety of other body base parts can be used.

April 19th meeting features Barb Keeling and her Bra Doll challenge. Barb writes: On the 19th I will do an idea program for the BRA dolls. Get everyone fired up. Then on Saturday April 25th we plan an "all day" at Rosemary’s shop where we can dig in and do the dolls. I will have patterns for those who are ready on the 19th (patterns will be available at the March 24th meeting, too) and we can start the dolls if there is time. I will bring larger templates for the body parts too. If folks get a big bra they need a bigger doll than the pattern. Actually we could bring our copy machine. Since Rosemary is a sewing machine store, folks would not have to bring their machines less they wanted. Those who get patterns on the 19th can start their patterns at home. I would charge $20 per person for the all day class on the 25th.I heard from Kelly Koch at SD&A. She wants me to do a story on the BRA Dolls for the magazine and send her as many photos as we have. So that will be good for IOLCC too. Maybe we can do a CD of thephotos to send to her. Proceeds from the sale of the pattern will benefit Breast Cancer research..

April 28th program will be Jenny Doh, editor of “Art Doll Quarterly” magazine, talking about the doll publishing business, how she chooses dolls and artists to feature.
Sun. May 17th Sharon Carriola – miniature polymer dolls
Tues. May 26th Maraya Hunter – carved wood faces, “trees”, natural materials
Sun. June 21st Pot Luck and Challenge
Tues. June 23rd Pot Luck and Challenge
Sun. July 19th Doug Keeling – variously painting stamped faces
Tues. July 28th Doug Keeling – variously painting stamped faces
Sun. August 16th Patti Culea – faces painted with Paint Sticks
Tues. August 25th Patti Culea – faces painted with Paint Sticks

Pin Doll Exchange: We have pin doll exchanges in the works with a doll club in Canada this spring and another in Russia in the fall. Do you want some sew-ins to work on these together and also our name tag dolls? For a list of materials not acceptable for export to Canada on the April Pin Doll Exchange contact Lois Boncer 760-438-3431.

Velia is working on other workshops.

The following email came from Pat Beesley and may be of interest to you:
I am the current President of Original Doll Artists Council of America. We are an international organization founded in 1976 of artists who create original dolls and figurative sculpture.
Each year we have a conference alongside our sister organization UFDC (United Federation of Doll Collectors). This year the conference will be held in July at the Marriott Grand Marquis, in Atlanta Georgia.
The events of the week of July 11 through July 18th have typically opened with ODACA’s list of activities on Saturday and Sunday. We have traditionally had a luncheon and a Sales Room. We also have our annual business meeting and a critique session for incoming artist applicants. The week then moves into the activities offered by UFDC. There are a series of luncheon’s and classes. There is a fabulous Sales room that is open to the public on Thursday, no convention registration necessary. In order to participate in the UFDC convention activities, like classes, it is necessary to be a member of a UFDC club and pay for a spot in the convention. ODACA does not have those requirements.
This is an announcement that for the first time ODACA will be offering some classes by several of our talented artist members. There are a variety of classes to choose from. I am sending an attachment for consultation. Consulting the ODACA website is also recommended. And you are most welcome to add this announcement to your newsletter. The classes will be held on Saturday morning July 11th from 9AM to 3PM. Be sure to take a look at the classes we are excited to offer.
If you are looking for a fun weekend, that would be an emersion into the world of creative original dolls, do consider attending the ODACA Day conference. Our Sales Room will be open on Sunday July 12th from 9 AM to 11 AM. We close for our luncheon at 11 AM. The luncheon will be from 11:30 to 1:30. The luncheon price of $130.00 includes lunch, and a souvenir doll. This year the ODACA artist doing our souvenir doll is Randi Taylor. We have a centerpiece doll created by Stevi T. One lucky member at each table will win the centerpiece doll. We also have donated doll items that are part of our raffle. Luncheon patrons can buy tickets to put in the boxes of the items. Our raffle just gets better and better each year. Our speaker this year will be Sandra Wright Justiss. She is one of our talented artist members as well as being a Master Storyteller.
Check out for further information. And naturally you may contact me at any time for more information.

All My Best,
Christine Shively
President ODACA
Here are magazines looking for photos of your dolls to publish:

1. “Doll Crafter and Costuming” magazine lists the following themes and deadlines:
For the August issue: “Figment of Imagination” our annual
fantasy issue will feature all kinds of whimsical creations
Deadline: April 15th
Send photos to “Doll Crafter and Costuming” gallery, PO Box 5000, Iola, WI 54945-5000 or email photo (300dpi , 3x5 inches) to with your name, and “gallery” in the subject line. Include the topic, doll’s name, height and materials used and your name with your submission

2. “Soft Dolls and Animals” magazine lists the following themes and deadlines:
“Be a Good Sport” deadline May 6th
“Halloween Houligans” deadline July 6th
Winter Wonders” deadline Sept. 2nd

Send entries to “Soft Dolls and Animals”, 2145 W. Sherman Blvd., Muskegon, MI 49441-3434 or email photos (300 dpi and usable size) to kkoch@scottpublications

To keep up with events in the cloth doll world, don't forget to keep checking with

IOLCC Board 2008-9
President Rosemary Hernandez 619-666-2671
VP/Programs Lois Boncer 760-438-3431
VP/Workshops Velia Calleja 760-745-1816
Secretary Rita Kahn 858-761-3097
Treasurer Sheila Godfrey 760-757-4122
Membership Carrie Nisil
Newsletter Babs Behling 619-275-6027
Website Karen Wooton 760-749-6094
Sales Table
Tea Party Joann Dossett 619-299-4115
Sharon Goldschneider 619-465-7730
Doll Camp

Active Members: $30 per year
Newsletter only: $15 per year
(choice of paper copy or electronic copy
Guest fee: $5 per meeting/ 1st visit free
Business card ad: $6/issue or $24/year
¼ page ad: $10/issue or $40/year
½ page ad: $18/issue or $72/year

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