Saturday, December 28, 2013

December Newsletter

The IOLCC Holiday Get-Together will be Sunday, December 29th, at Barbara Chapman's Place. 

For more details, see your IOLCC newsletter sent out by email earlier this month.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 2013 Newsletter


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                                                                                                                                                                       november 2013

There will not be a meeting Tuesday November 26, 2013

Barbara Chapman so graciously will hold our holiday celebration at her house again this year {yea Barbara!}
She will notify us of a date when she sets it.

(Scroll down for messages from Patty Culea and Barb Keeling)

Message from Patty Culea:

Caroline of Road to California Quilt Show has contacted me about putting
together a cloth doll exhibit for this next years show. I'm very excited
about this as cloth dolls are becoming more and more popular and Caroline
sees this. She's also been very supportive of the cloth doll world.
Barbara Willis & Betts Vidal have had a sales booth there for several
years. Also, Pamela Armas of Treasures of the Gypsy is there with her
booth filled with dolls.

In going through my books, doll club lists, etc., I came up with all of
you. But, I know there are more who would be interested. Those of you in
doll clubs, if you could let your members know I'd deeply appreciate it.
Caroline is giving us a good space. Actually two booths. That means we
can have at least 50 dolls and they'll be displayed well so people can see
them in all their beauty. We'll also have good signage for each doll, and
a booklet to hand out if people are interested.

The exhibit is called Imitation of Life in Cloth. The dolls must be made
from cloth. This can be cotton, wool, knits, silks. This is a quilt show
and we'd like to show the quilt world what we do with the same fabrics they

Many of you know I will be going in for major surgery Oct. 29. The
recovery can be long, but with God's help I'll break the records. I will
need help setting up the exhibit so will be calling a few of you who live
relatively close to Ontario, California.

Attached are two forms - The invitation and exhibit forms. Details are in
these, but if you have questions please contact me at my gmail addy. I'll
have my iPad with me in the hospital and can answer emails once I'm
functional. Which will hopefully be very soon.

Thank you for considering participating and I look forward to hearing from
you, and seeing your dolls in January.

From Barb Keeling

Hi to Everyone, from Barb Keeling

Thank you to those who took part in my needle felting play day where everyone did a darling little bear. This was not an in-depth felting class. It was a free form, no pattern, have a ton of fun, stand out side of the box and JUST DO IT project. The only requirement was the bear needed to have blue ears. This is all part of a Special Challenge I am doing with Soft Dolls and Animals magazine focusing on one of my children’s stories called THE BLUE EARED BEAR, a story about Bullying.  Make sure you have sent me a photo of your bear from the play day so I can include it in my story.  Send it via an attachment to:  (here is my phone number 760 806-9109)

barbkeeling@aol.com   http://keelingskrafts.blogspot.comhttp://bradolls.blogspot.com

Friday, October 25, 2013

Betty Webster Bishop Poems "The Doll Sale" and "Only Dolls"

I found this poem in an old doll magazine and I wanted to share it. The author, Betty Webster Bishop, has graciously given me her permission to re-print it here.

                The Doll Sale 

By Betty Webster Bishop 

The time had come to sell some dolls,
My house was overrun
With dolls and bears and other toys
With which I’d had such fun.
I chose the dolls I least preferred
I dressed each one just so
And as I looked into each face,
I’d think, “I can’t let go.”
I lined them up and tagged each one,
I double-checked their eyes.
I’d straighten clothes,
Then hear their plaintive cries.
Folks would come to look at them
And see their selling price.
They’d ooh and aah and pick them up
And say they looked so nice.
I’d hesitate at offers made,
Each flaw I’d quickly tell
And try to change the buyer’s mind
Before I’d have to sell.
I’d walk along the row of dolls
Once more, each one to see
And as I’d touch each tiny tot
They seemed to say “not me!”
How can I let these dollies go?
What made me think I could?
They’ve been a comfort through the years
And shared each changing mood.
One baby doll that I picked up
Just nuggled to my breast;
It seemed as though he breathed a sigh
Then settled down to rest.
I slowly checked each doll for sale,
It nearly broke my heart
And as I stood and looked at them
I knew we’d never part.
The bulging rooms are bulging still,
The house is still too small,
So let it bulge a little more –
I’m keeping every doll!

From Doll World, April 1992

She also forwarded another poem "Only Dolls" which was written somewhat later.


Today’s the day the sale was made,
The packing’s just begun,
But Oh, the heavy heart I have
Instead of having fun.
I have to say “goodbye” to dolls
I’ve had for years and years
And in between the packing,
I’ve shed a million tears.
I’d said I’d never sell them,
They were purchased just for me
To love and dress, repair and keep
For other folks to see.
Circumstances prevailing,
Necessity makes it so,
‘Tho loved and cherished ever,
The dolls just have to go.
I searched to find a buyer
For I was out of space,
But when I found that buyer,
My task was hard to face.
I worry, did I charge too much
Or maybe not enough---
Although the money’s needed
That’s not what makes it rough.
Delaying tactics didn’t work,
I employed every one.
Others said, “It’s only dolls
And packing must be done.”
How can dolls be just for gain
When each becomes a part
Of each and every owner,
For they dwell within the heart?
The lady buyer seems so kind
And said she’d love them, too,
So I told myself, “I’m better off
Since I’ve so much else to do”.
Some are gifts from special friends---
Most, I bought myself.
Many are meant to be held and loved,
Others to stand on a shelf.
Each has its own story
And each was given a name
And ‘tho they numbered three thousand,
No two were exactly the same.
They were dressed for special occasions
And each holiday, dressed in style;
The years caused some to be tattered---
Even so, they still brought a smile.
Now they’re gone, just pictures left
And memories tucked away
To fill the lonesome days ahead
No matter what folks say.
Now I tell myself, “THEY‘RE ONLY DOLLS”
And I will soon forget,
So I’m looking forward , hoping it’s so,
But it hasn’t happened yet.

Betty Webster Bishop
18825 NE CR 1471
Hampton, FL. 32044
PH: 352-468-2065

Blueprints for October

Newsletter of the IOLCC
October  2013
Patty Smith has again invited us all to her home for a Halloween Party.  We had a great time there last year.   Tuesday, October 29th, 6:30 p.m. 7176 Hybeth Dr.,  La Mesa, CA  91941,   phone:619-466-4953,   Wear costume (or not),  bring refreshments if you wish. Patty is making her wonderful bread. Someone else will bring apple cider.
Program:  Lois Boncer will bring some of the animals that illustrated her series of articles for "Soft Dolls & Animals" magazine and discuss publishing.  There were 6 articles on using a wide variety of fabrics to make a wide variety of stuffed animals.

Those who have not paid dues for the upcoming year may do so at the party, or mail $10 to Sheila Godfrey, 908 Morse St., Oceanside, CA 92054

Friday, September 20, 2013

September Blueprints

There will not be a meeting on Tues. evening, Sept.  24th.  Instead,  Barb Keeling has invited us all to her house for a story, and a demo, and a workshop on felting a teddy bear, on Sunday, Sept. 29th.
   Barb writes: " Hi Everyone from Barb Keeling.     760 806-9109
I will be doing the show and tell and do and learn, demo and come and play day on Sunday Sept. 29th on needle felting at 2PM -5PM. My place is really small but I do have room for a couple of more people so let me know if you are interested. E-mail or call ME, Barb Keeling.
The necklace and all the bears are needle felted. We will do a bear as our, project. I will have a kit of your basic needles, core yarn, foam etc for about $15. Have gobs of great colors of yarn for felting which you can purchase."

Here are some photos of Barb's felted bears that she will teach:

"Also I am doing a challenge with Soft Dolls& Animals Magazine who will publish photos which involves a bear. Hope you will join in. Will tell you about it when you come to play. I am in Oceanside off the 78 & College, pretty easy to get to. Will E-mail directions to those who sign up."   BARB KEELING

This all has grown out of some stories that Barb has had published.  She wrote them originally for her grandchildren.  She read one to us at the IOLCC birthday party in June.

From Barb: " Just a quick note to let you know two of my kid stories are now on Amazon as a download for your Kindle. You do not need a kindle, you can do it as a download to your computer. Both the stories are full of magical fun and frolic but mixed with good manners too. So life lessons to go along with the Adventure. These are both part of my Mrs. GilleyWilley, A Magical Nanny Adventure. Great read for those of you who have kids, gran-kids and Great Grans. Great for those of your youngsters who like to read. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

August News

There will be no August meeting of the IOLCC.  Look for details of the
September meeting in the next newsletter. If you have anything you would like included in that edition you may email it to me or to Lois.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Blueprints for July

JULY 2013
Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 23rd, 6:30 p.m.
The July meeting will be at Carrie Nisil's house, 13702 Silver Lake Dr.,  Poway, CA 92064.  Her phone and email:  858-679-8716,    Patty Smith will lead the program.  Patty writes:
I'm going to show how to make Artist Trading Cards.  You will need a glue stick, color pencils or gel roll pens. lace glitter, or what ever to want to put on your card. They are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches so don't get carried away. I'll bring the card stock, paper flowers ( what ever else Edwina has a dye cut for) So go to pinterest and check out ATC's  Patty

We had a ball at last month's meeting  with our Oz theme and our four members who are past 80.  There was an excellent turn-out, including husbands, mothers and other guests,  good food, good fun and good feeling.  Our four octagenarians  are Barbara Chapman, Barb Keeling, Sandy Feingold and Arline Lowenthal.   Each got a bag of goodies as a birthday present.  Gloria Hazel got the big birthday cake decorated with Oz characters.  Many members brought Oz dolls and other pieces.  We had witch's legs under the house, a field of poppies, other witches, a winged monkey,  munchkin houses,  the Wizard  flying off in a balloon, and much more.  Here are some photos taken by Deb Tomcik's husband, Jim.  Deb will have more photos to share at the next meeting.  We thank Deb for hosting this party/challenge and all those who brought food,  decorations, gifts and Oz dolls. 

Deb's husband, Jim, will do a program for us in the fall on photographing our dolls.
Lois had a call recently from Gloria "Mimi" Winer.  She's beating her cancer, with some tumors gone and othesr very shrunken.  She said her oncologist said he couldn't believe he'd cured her stage 4 colon cancer!  She also needed to tell IOLCC that she will soon be 80 and wished she could have come to our party.  What a tough old lady.  Many of us have taken classes from her, and learned so much about doll-making.  
Deb Tomcik's polymer sculpting workshops are taking the summer off.   Next one is on September 22nd at Deb's home in Carlsbad.  Each student is in a different place in making her doll.  Deb has done a wonderful job of teaching us individually.  She is willing to take new students and start at the beginning with them.

Stephanie is sorry she is posting this late.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Newsletter

JUNE 2013
Next Meeting: Sunday, June 30th, 2013
June meeting will be a Party and Challenge. The Challenge: The theme is OZ.  Deb Tomcik will host it in her backyard, setting up areas with sub-themes from the series of OZ  books.  Call Deb at 760-943-8692 or email her at,   about how you can participate in all the fun.   The Party:  It's a Birthday Party ! In the past year four of our current members have turned 80: Barbara Chapman, Barb Keeling, Sandy Feingold, and Arline Lowenthal.   We will be honoring our octagenarians at the June meeting.  The date is Sunday,  June 30th at 4 p.m.   Potluck -- Deb suggests green foods in keeping with the Oz theme.  Deb's address: 3530 Sitio Baya,  Carlsbad, 92009. Guests, spouses, friends are welcome, but Deb would appreciate knowing  how many are coming, so please RSVP to her at the phone or email above. However, if you can't RSVP beforehand, don't be shy about just showing up.  Lots of room, lots of food, the more the merrier.
Deb Tomcik's polymer sculpting workshops are taking the summer off.   Next one is on September 22nd at Deb's home in Carlsbad.  Each student is in a different place in making her doll.  Deb has done a wonderful job of teaching us individually.  She is willing to take new students and start at the beginning with them.
                Congratulations to Deb Tomcik, who is featured in a article in the June issue of the magazine, "92009", ---  that's one of the Carlsbad zip codes.
Welcome returning member Diane Shine.  Unfortunately,  I can't fine her new address and contact information.  I'll include it next time.
See you all at the Party and Oz Challenge.