Tuesday, August 18, 2009

July 2009 IOLCC Meeting

We had so much fun at the meeting in July - thanks to Doug & Barb Keeling from Keeling's Crafts! Doug showed all of us how to create our own unique faces - with a little guidance, hints and tips from the pro. We started on paper, then we graduated to fabric. When Doug broke down the process and explained the 'balance' a face should have - it all made perfect sense. There was a lot of busy hands and definitely some busy pencil sharpeners!

There was also some 'Show & Tell', Barb brought a few of her dolls, and one witch - which I personally fell in love with! Sheila's Bra Doll was there, although Sheila couldn't make it...

Finally, we all worked on a 'Round Robin' Prayer/Bra Doll that is going around several members of the online doll group called Doll Street Dreamers. The intention of the doll is to send good wishes and prayers to a gal who is currently battling cancer. So we all worked on her and you can see a little peek-a-boo of her above, as Doug Keeling is holding her !
Can't wait to see everyone on August 25th, and I'll take more pictures of all the fun we have with Patti Culea.

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