Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dimensions 2010 - Can You Believe It?

Here's the latest on our 2010 Dimensions in Dollmaking Show - we will definitely be at a new venue this year, and we are so happy and excited to have been accepted at the Comic Con 2010 Art Show here in San Diego at the Convention Center. 
For those of you who aren't familiar with ComicCon - It is a HUGE convention of comic book collectors, animation enthusiasts, sci-fi (think Trekkies) junkies, Anime, Fandom, SuperHero wannabe'sSteampunk punkers, Fantasy frolickers and well, just more than you can ever imagine in visal arts.  Last year I  believe there were approximately 126,000 attendees - so for us to be able to show our work in such a venue, is reaching a much larger and broader audience than ever before in the history of Dimensions.
We are working on getting the enrollment forms ready for distribution to enter the show and will post all the information here as it trickles in.  The show is in late July so get started on those dolls now.  We are limited in space, so we are opening it up to our current members of IOLCC first. However, we have kicked around some ideas on how we can maximize the space we've been given - so think 'hanging dolls' !!!  The theme is any of the above categories I mentioned which really gives us a broad spectrum of ideas. 
Keep checking back often on the blog as we will continue to post updated information in regards to Dimensions.

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