Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Google Group Discussions Forum

I just created a new Google Group for us - it's got several topics to browse or post your comments to. See the advertisement up above where you can join - just click on it and it will take you directly there. I've started several pages to get us started! Anyone can become a member and when you do you have the ability to post pictures and pages. Share pictures of you current work, ask questions, give suggestions. 
Visit often and see what's new - tell your friends about it and everyone is welcome to post a comment or a question, however, only members comments will post automatically - I have reserved the right to moderate from non-members.

BY THE WAY:  You can now post comments on our blogsite, so it's more interactive.  Robin & I were talking at the last meeting and she mentioned she was going to leave a comment, but couldn't.  I decided to turn on the 'comment' ability just to see how it goes.  I do think it might just get more of you involved with posting to the blogsite!


  1. I joined the google group but unfortunately, I am not a teckie and couldn't figure out how to post photos! Time for computer class!

  2. I fixed that Robin - re-arranged things. Evidently I should have created a 'page' not a 'discussion' and it's there where you can post the pictures.