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Imitation of Life Construction Company

April, 2010 - Part 2

Next Meetings, Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Sew Pro, 4951-b Clairemont Dr, San Diego Ca 92117
6:30 – 9:00pm.

The purpose of the IOLCC is to share the joy of doll making and collecting and to bring this enjoyment to the community through exhibits, workshops & programs.

Program for April: how to joint a doll. There are many, many ways. Susana Oroyan's book
"Anatomy of a Doll" has a section of these techniques. Bring any jointed dolls you have for Show and Tell and to join in the program. Let's have a good display.
Here's some examples of different types of jointed dolls:
*for artist copyright ownership - right click on each picture to see source!

In addition, I found a great blog entry by Mimi Kirchner talking about jointed dolls and how to do them!  Visit Mimi Kirchner's Blog

We had good attendance at the March meeting, with Patti Culea bringing former member Althea Church, whose Friendship Pin Doll is in Susana Oroyan's book "Anatomy of a Doll", and two of her friends. Althea shared an adorable hat she had made - very springlike and whimsical - I wished we'd have taken a picture!  After discussing "Dimensions" and other business, Patti proposed Doll Camp at Angel's Landing in November. Patti will teach. See the attached registration form. We need at least 13 people to deposit $100 toward the weekend, to put the down payment on the resort. This will be great fun. All of us together making dolls the whole weekend. As written in the last Blueprints: Patti Culea has offered to organize and teach at Doll Camp this year. It’s been several years since our club has had Doll Camp. Patti has contacted Angel’s Landing in Julian. She’s taught there before and endorses them. They have one weekend still open this year, November 12th-14th. But we need to put our deposit down now. Patti estimates the weekend to cost about $250, each, all inclusive, if we have 16 students. (Patti’s workshops are usually much more expensive). Before this last weekend is gone to someone else, we need all of you who’d join us to sign up now, with $100 deposit. We’ll not cash your checks unless we get enough students to pay the deposit. Doll Camp is always so much fun; we’ve really missed having it. Please contact Lois 760-438-3431, or Patti 858-484-5118, .

"Dimensions" is definitely on at the Comic Convention in July. See the attached cover letter, promise form and exhibit form for all the details (these are attached only to the emailed version of this Newsletter). This is a fabulous new venue for our cloth doll exhibit, so don't miss out. It's a bit more expensive, but you have the opportunity to have your doll seen by over 100,000 people and to sell it if you wish.
As sent by the last Blueprints: We have been accepted at the Comic-Con International Convention’s Art Show, as our venue for “Dimensions in Dollmaking-2010”, July 21st -25th. This is a huge venue, with 126,000 attendees last year. And the dolls can be for sale. However, we have been allowed only 3 tables, so there is less space than in previous years. Therefore, it’s first come-first served on entries this year. Our committee has decided to send the forms first to IOLCC members, local dollmakers and to those artists who have been sending to DID in recent years. If the spaces are not filled we will then issue invitations to other dollmakers over the Internet. The promise form deadline says May 20th, but we’re asking that our first groups respond by April 27th. So download the attached forms (cover letter, explaining the new venue and procedures), the promise form and the exhibit form. Or, you can pick some up at our next meeting on April 27th. Read these and if you want to be in DID this year, send your promise form and check in right away. On April 27th, we’ll go out to other prospects. The entry forms are attached to the emailed version of this Newsletter.

This is IOLCC's 20th anniversary. Joann Dossett and Sandy Feingold are chairing an anniversary Tea Party to celebrate. They will have details at the meeting.

Rosemary Hernandez and Sheila Godfrey have both volunteered to host Yard Sales of all our donated goods. These will be fund raisers for the club, to boost the scholarship fund to help pay for workshops, and doll camp. We have a lot of fabrics, trims, patterns, books, tools, fibers, beads, buttons, and craft supplies to sell. Help wanted. Rosemary and Sheila will have dates set, and sign-up sheets at the meeting

Hope to see you all there on April 27th. Lois"

P.S. It was decided to continue to send the Blueprints to past members who have not paid dues, in the hopes some of you would come sometimes. If you are no longer interested in cloth dolls or the club, contact Babs ( to ask to be removed from the list.


To keep up with events in the cloth doll world, don't forget to keep checking with

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