Monday, May 27, 2013

May Blueprints

May 2013
Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 28th, 6:30pm
Our sympathy to Bab's computer, which is still direly ill.  Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
The May meeting will be at Arline Lowenthal's house.  Arline writes:  Resin may be a doll makers best friend...

On the 28th of May, y'all come and find out how you can make a mold and complete a resin replicate of same mold in under an hour...way under!!
If we have time, we will be able to paint, drill, and more to this newly
molded, unsuspecting item!
Let's work small. Please bring a small item with which we can mold, then put to the test.
Just so you won't go home with a high a level of frustration, I will have some of the products that we will be transforming, using our own type of alchemy, for you to purchase at a great price.
There is only one stipulation... you must have
I'll make the beverages, like coffee, tea, etc.
You may bring a little something to go with it.
NOT A LOT!! You'll only have to take home what is not consumed!
I am OK with pulling this program out of my bag of tricks, I want everyone to have a fab time, as we always do. By now most of you know how to get here, but if draw a blank, call and we will email directions.
We'll be leaving the light on... see you soon,
Arline Lowenthal
(Oh by the way we’ll be doing a few door prizes at our meeting!)
Date: Tuesday - May 28, 2013
Time: 6:30 pm
Address - 4495 Mt. Herbert Ave. San Diego, 92117
Phone: 858 277 7212

June meeting will be a Party and Challenge. The Challenge: The theme is OZ.  Deb Tomcik will host it in her backyard, setting up areas with sub-themes from the series of OZ  books.  Call Deb at 760-943-8692 or email her at,   about how you can participate in all the fun.  For ideas of characters,  see the on-going challenge online at Doll Street Journal:  Click on "Gallery", then on "Oz Challenge 2013"  The Party:  It's a Birthday Party ! In the past year four of our current members have turned 80: Barbara Chapman, Barb Keeling, Sandy Feingold, and Arline Lowenthal.   We will be honoring our octagenarians at the June meeting.  The date is Sunday,  June 30th at 4 p.m.   Potluck -- Deb suggests green foods in keeping with the Oz theme.  Deb's address: 3530 Sitio Baya,  Carlsbad, 92009. Guests, spouses, friends are welcome, but Deb needs to know how many are coming, so please RSVP to her at the phone or email above.

Deb Tomcik's polymer sculpting workshops are continuing.  Next one is May 26th at Deb's home in Carlsbad.  Each student is in a different place in making her doll.  Deb has done a wonderful job of teaching us individually.  She is willing to take new students and start at the beginning with them.
The polymer clay dolls

Class members

Congratulations to Rita Kahn, who is the new president-elect for the San Diego Stitchery Guild.
If you haven't already, please make these changes to the roster:  Gloria Hazel has a new email:  Patty Smith has a new email:

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