Friday, September 20, 2013

September Blueprints

There will not be a meeting on Tues. evening, Sept.  24th.  Instead,  Barb Keeling has invited us all to her house for a story, and a demo, and a workshop on felting a teddy bear, on Sunday, Sept. 29th.
   Barb writes: " Hi Everyone from Barb Keeling.     760 806-9109
I will be doing the show and tell and do and learn, demo and come and play day on Sunday Sept. 29th on needle felting at 2PM -5PM. My place is really small but I do have room for a couple of more people so let me know if you are interested. E-mail or call ME, Barb Keeling.
The necklace and all the bears are needle felted. We will do a bear as our, project. I will have a kit of your basic needles, core yarn, foam etc for about $15. Have gobs of great colors of yarn for felting which you can purchase."

Here are some photos of Barb's felted bears that she will teach:

"Also I am doing a challenge with Soft Dolls& Animals Magazine who will publish photos which involves a bear. Hope you will join in. Will tell you about it when you come to play. I am in Oceanside off the 78 & College, pretty easy to get to. Will E-mail directions to those who sign up."   BARB KEELING

This all has grown out of some stories that Barb has had published.  She wrote them originally for her grandchildren.  She read one to us at the IOLCC birthday party in June.

From Barb: " Just a quick note to let you know two of my kid stories are now on Amazon as a download for your Kindle. You do not need a kindle, you can do it as a download to your computer. Both the stories are full of magical fun and frolic but mixed with good manners too. So life lessons to go along with the Adventure. These are both part of my Mrs. GilleyWilley, A Magical Nanny Adventure. Great read for those of you who have kids, gran-kids and Great Grans. Great for those of your youngsters who like to read. 

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