Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 2013 Newsletter


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There will not be a meeting Tuesday November 26, 2013

Barbara Chapman so graciously will hold our holiday celebration at her house again this year {yea Barbara!}
She will notify us of a date when she sets it.

(Scroll down for messages from Patty Culea and Barb Keeling)

Message from Patty Culea:

Caroline of Road to California Quilt Show has contacted me about putting
together a cloth doll exhibit for this next years show. I'm very excited
about this as cloth dolls are becoming more and more popular and Caroline
sees this. She's also been very supportive of the cloth doll world.
Barbara Willis & Betts Vidal have had a sales booth there for several
years. Also, Pamela Armas of Treasures of the Gypsy is there with her
booth filled with dolls.

In going through my books, doll club lists, etc., I came up with all of
you. But, I know there are more who would be interested. Those of you in
doll clubs, if you could let your members know I'd deeply appreciate it.
Caroline is giving us a good space. Actually two booths. That means we
can have at least 50 dolls and they'll be displayed well so people can see
them in all their beauty. We'll also have good signage for each doll, and
a booklet to hand out if people are interested.

The exhibit is called Imitation of Life in Cloth. The dolls must be made
from cloth. This can be cotton, wool, knits, silks. This is a quilt show
and we'd like to show the quilt world what we do with the same fabrics they

Many of you know I will be going in for major surgery Oct. 29. The
recovery can be long, but with God's help I'll break the records. I will
need help setting up the exhibit so will be calling a few of you who live
relatively close to Ontario, California.

Attached are two forms - The invitation and exhibit forms. Details are in
these, but if you have questions please contact me at my gmail addy. I'll
have my iPad with me in the hospital and can answer emails once I'm
functional. Which will hopefully be very soon.

Thank you for considering participating and I look forward to hearing from
you, and seeing your dolls in January.

From Barb Keeling

Hi to Everyone, from Barb Keeling

Thank you to those who took part in my needle felting play day where everyone did a darling little bear. This was not an in-depth felting class. It was a free form, no pattern, have a ton of fun, stand out side of the box and JUST DO IT project. The only requirement was the bear needed to have blue ears. This is all part of a Special Challenge I am doing with Soft Dolls and Animals magazine focusing on one of my children’s stories called THE BLUE EARED BEAR, a story about Bullying.  Make sure you have sent me a photo of your bear from the play day so I can include it in my story.  Send it via an attachment to:  (here is my phone number 760 806-9109)

barbkeeling@aol.com   http://keelingskrafts.blogspot.comhttp://bradolls.blogspot.com

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