Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 2015 Newsletter

Imitation of Life Construction Company News

Mingei Meet-UP

May19, Tuesday, is a free day at the
Mingei Musuem in Balboa Park. Patty Smith discussed at the April meeting about us meeting there and going through the museum as a group. Until July 15th they have a special exhibit of black dolls.

Meet Patty at 10am in the parking lot behind the Starlight Theater. We'll then take the free tram to the museum.

It might also be fun to have lunch at the Japanese Friendship Garden Tea Room. They have all kinds of good food.

If interested, email Patty Smith

Also, if enough are interested we can arrange car pooling. I know I'll be going so I can take three people in my PT.

It’s Raggedy Ann’s100thBirthday!

June 28th we will be celebrating Raggedy Ann's birthday and
the 25th birthday of IOLCC. Think of the best birthday party you went to as a little girl and that is what we'll be having.
That means, start thinking about the party dress/outfit you'll want to wear and the type of food you would eat at, let's say, 8 to 10 years old. Sounds fun? You bet it will be. We'll have more details in the June newsletter but I wanted to get your 
imagination going.

Date - June 28th - 3pm until?
Place: Debby Tomcik's.

Events of Interest: May 14th and 16th2!

This is a large quilt and general sewing expo. Quilts of Valor will be represented, along with many companies from all over. Well worth checking out.

Kaleidoscope Quilt Guild Quilt Show Doll Exhibit
October 17th, 10am to 4pm
Where: Masonic Lodge, 2590 Main Street

Patty Smith was asked if she could put together a doll exhibit. She'd like the dolls made at Floral Follies, plus some in the group are making Patti Culea's mermaid. If you are interested, contact Patti Smith. She will let us know where and when to deliver our dolls.

Hoffman Challenge:
Please note that things have changed. You no longer send them to Colorado. Here is the link to the challenge info.

May Meeting - May 28th
Where: Patti Culea's House
When: 630Pm to 8:30 pm
What: Raggedy Ann bobbin doll
What to bring - basic sewing kit, scraps of fabric for dress, red yarn or embroidery floss for hair, markers or detailing pens for drawing face, strong thread for putting the doll together. Please bring $3 to give Joann for the bobbins and wooden beads that she is purchasing for us. This is the doll that Joann shared at the April meeting.

We'll have snacks and I'll have water, tea and coffee available.

Doll Making Class:
When: August 7th and 8th, 2015
Where: Piecemaker's
Patti will be teaching how to make her doll 'Helen' from her book Creative Cloth Doll Couture (also from her Creative Cloth Doll Collection) 
Helen is a 1940's woman with old-fashioned camiknickers underneath and the new 40's style suit, shoes, hat, and purse. A fun class, and one she hasn't taught here in the United States. 

IOLCC Dues are $15 and due in June. Make checks to IOLCC. Our new fiscal year will start in June.

Who to contact: Fearless leader Debra Tomcik.

Where to find patterns:!

Patti Culea, Newsletter Editor

The above is a partial re-post of Patti Culea's newsletter, which is sent to all members. The emailed newsletter has better pictures and more information. Contact someone in the group for more information. Also note, in using copy/paste from the newsletter all punctuation was replaced with '!' and '$', so I have re-typed it, and any errors are my fault.

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