Sunday, October 18, 2015

October Newsletter

Save the Date!
Imitation of Life Construction Company News
IOLCC Atrocities
Cook Book
I found my copy of the cook book Kandy
Scott put together when she was our
fearless leader. It is full of fun recipe’s
pulled together by members of the club
back then. Here’s the menu:
Horror D-Oeuvres
Bat Wings by Barbara Chapman
Buggy Bean Dip by Muriel Fisher
Minced Entrails by Susan Robershaw
Moldy Toadstools by Nan Ferrin
Rancid Artichokes by Brunhilda
Toadstools in Swampwater by Susan
Sickening Salads
Black Widow Salad by LouElla Berry
Brain Mousse by Marjie Lopez
Garden Compost by Rita Zerull
Heart Aspic by Marjie Lopez
Monster Mash by Rosemary Glenn
Main Corpse
Bugs in the Grass by Lois Boncer
Great Green Gobs of Greasy Grimy
Gopher Guts by Pamela Armas
One Pot Road Kill by Bonnie Stewart
Kitty Treats by Val Kaplan
Lump of Atomic Waste by Rita Kahn
Continued on Page 3……..
IOLCC Halloween Party!
October 27
Where: Patty Smith’s 7176 Hybeth Drive, La Mesa
Time: 6:30pm
What to bring: Your favorite spooky finger foods
What to wear: A fun costume, of course!
Show & Tell: Bring a spooky doll, or project to share
November Mtg
November 17
Holiday Party
We will have details in the
November newsletter.
O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5
Our meeting will be
one week earlier due to
Kaleidascope Quilt
October 17
Lemon Grove Masonic Lodge, 2590 Main St.,
Lemon Grove
$10 admission
Dolls in London
While at the Knitting & Stitching Show in
London I was excited to see Mavis Walker’s
Chess Set. She has worked on this for years.
There were several other doll exhibits at the
show – all cloth – but photography wasn’t
allowed. I was glad to see that Mavis was
open to people taking photo’s of her dolls.
The other photo I have to share is a stitched
piece that was in the entry as we walked into
the show at Alexander Palace. Fun at Fobbles
Many of you know I mainly seem to
teach workshops outside the U.S. The
shop in the photo below is in the Lake
District of England and I go there every
year. The shop and classroom are in a
400 year old converted barn, and on a
working farm. The owners raise sheep
dogs and have sheep to train the dogs.
This year we made my wee doll –
Peony. Several got their dolls finished,
but we do work hard for 3 days.
Bernardo Winery Arts & Crafts Fair
Who you going to contact?
Fearless Leader – Debra Tomcik –
Fearless Leader VP – Carrie Nisil –
Treasurer – Cheryl Ripley –
Programs – Patty Smith –
Newsletter – Patti Culea –
October 17 & 18, 2015
There is a lot to do this weekend, so no chance of getting bored. Our dolls will be on display at the
Kaleidascope Quilt Show (information on Page 2), and then there is the truly outstanding arts & crafts
fair at the Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo.
Atrocities Menu Continued:
Dead Zerts Putrid Potions
Apple Caramel Dip by Sticky Casper Floating Hand by Iva Stump
Crusty Green Sludge by Rita Kahn Gruesome Brew by Sarah Swill
White Death by Patrice Switzer Lizard Slime by Ann Green
Wormy Dirt Pie by Kandy Scott
Inside are the “happenings for the Imitation of Life Construction
Company, better known as IOLCC.
We meet on the 4th Tuesday of most months at various members
homes. Our meetings start at 6:30pm and end around 8:30pm.
We do a lot of “hands on” projects, and have a wonderful time
of fun and fellowship.
Check out our blog:
Patti Medaris Culea, Editor
9019 Stargaze Ave.
San Diego, CA 92129


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