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Imitation of Life Construction Company
January, 2010
Next Meetings, Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Sew Pro, 4951-b Clairemont Dr , San Diego Ca 92117
6:30 – 9:00pm.
The purpose of the IOLCC is to share the joy of doll making and collecting and to bring this enjoyment to the community through exhibits, workshops & programs.
We thank Barbara Chapman for hosting us in her lovely home for the annual Christmas Party.  A good time was had by all.  Lots of good talk, laughter and food. 
PROGRAM:  Our membership is at an all-time low.  Only 16 people have paid dues this year.  So we can’t afford to continue to pay speakers for every program.  I sincerely apologize for scheduling programs last year that interested so few people.
 In discussing at the Christmas party what those attending wanted for program and activities, several said they wanted more hands-on meetings to learn how to make dolls. I'm thinking now of having formal programs with paid speakers only 3 or 4 times this year, with the rest of the meetings as a 2-hour class in some technique. I'd like to kick the series off with a "What is a Doll?" theme for the January meeting.  Have everyone bring dolls and discuss body types, from simplest to very complex, with sources of patterns. I have several boxes from the materials donated for fund-raising that have doll patterns -- some new, some used.  These will be sold for 50 cents each.
Future meetings could be on fabrics, tools, cutting, sewing, stuffing, jointing, making armatures, mounting for display, faces, hair, clothing, accessories, assemblages, hands, feet, wings, animal/human combinations, etc. There are all kinds of possibilities. We had programs last year on needle-sculpted faces, carved wood faces, 2 on painted faces, dolls assembled from found objects, wrapped dolls, polymer dolls, costuming, and more. Neither the June potluck, the Halloween party, nor the Christmas party were well attended, so we could use some of those meetings for instruction, too. I'm thinking of a solid 2-hour class of instruction, with work time, so what about free to paid members, others pay $10/ class, money going into the club treasury? I can teach a lot of it, but would welcome anyone who wants to do any of it. So, bring lots of dolls, patterns, sources of doll patterns to the January meeting.  We will discuss what classes you want, what techniques you want, and what formal programs you want.  
It was decided at the last meeting to continue to send the Blueprints to past members who have not paid dues, in the hopes some of you would come sometimes.  If you are no longer interested in cloth dolls or the club, contact Babs ( to ask to be removed from the list.
Dimensions in Dollmaking
We will be discussing the future of DID at the meeting on Tuesday.  We are having some problems with the quilt show board and need to decide if we want to try to continue there, find another space, or abandon the show.  Your input  would be welcomed.
Other possible activities are a pin doll exchange, either within our club, or with another club.
A field trip to the Susan Quinlan Doll and Teddy Bear Museum in Santa Barbara
A field trip to the fabric district in Los Angeles
Tea Party
Doll Camp
Challenge or two:  what theme would you suggest?
Fund-raiser rummage sale of donated doll and craft materials

Workshops:  Sharon Cariola will offer her polymer doll class again
and Susan Berkowitz on assembled dolls.

There will be sign-up sheets for each of these events.

Opportunity to display art:   The La Jolla Art Association is having an Art and Food Exhibit, open to all San Diego artists and chefs.  They are soliciting artwork featuring food.  Artwork is juried.  Deadline for entries is January 31st.  Exhibit is Feb 1st through Feb. 14th at the La Jolla Association Gallery, 8100 Paseo Del Ocaso, La Jolla, 92037.   Forms are on,   $45 per entry for art, $15 or recipe, $50 for artwork and recipe.  There will be prizes.  Our dolls are artwork for sure.  Who has dolls featuring food? 
Check out our blog, too.  Kelly Riley is responsible for this.  Good job, Kelly
To keep up with events in the cloth doll world, don't forget to keep checking with

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