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January 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter of IOLCC                                                                                                                                           
January 2014

First meeting of a new year
January 28,2014
6:30 pm
Gloria Hazel will be teaching us her goddess doll 

Happy New Year to All!

We shall look forward to new bursts of exciting ideas to send us off and running into new passions of creative frolic. 

The end of December party at Barbara Chapman’s was such fun. It is wonderful and inspiring to be bathed in the fabulous unique-ness of her home. We all chattered our heads off sharing fun things and talking about new plots and plans of adventures to come. Everyone brought ‘yummy’s for our tummy’s which we all enjoyed.  There was the surprise gift giving, a scrambled exchange of fun things shared with one another.

What a lovely way it was to bring to a close the year 2013 and to share it with IOLCC friends.

As we zero in with our thoughts of the New Year I have a simple idea for a challenge. Why not get into your “bone box” of assorted doll parts and make a doll using some of those ‘rejects. The rule is you may not purchase any supplies to make the doll or project.

I made a very fun funky Wizard Doll out of my bone box. I had written a “kids” type story for Doug for Christmas on how he became:  THE WONDERFUL WEIRD WIZARD. So everything went together.  Think of what fun-ness you can dream up. Let a New Adventure Begin. 

Happy 2014,    Barb Keeling….  Doug’s Easy Punch Site  (760 806-9109)


Homework for next meeting's project:

Artist of the Month:  Gloria Hazel

I learn to sew from my Grandmother.  Over the years I have made many garments for myself, siblings, and kids.  Just within the last five to six years I have begin to really enjoying sewing as a hobby.  I discovered there was so much more I could make other than garments such as beautiful quilts, wall hangings, jackets, purses,and dolls.  I guess you  can say that I am a member of a group of individuals who take continuous adult educational classes that has helped perfect my skills in the first four mentioned hobbies above.  

One day while shopping in JoAnn's Fabric Store, I noticed and purchased Creative Cloth Doll Couture, a doll making book by Patty Culea.  That start my self taught adventures into doll making.  Made several dolls, toss several (smile).  Showed one to Patty Smith who thought it was great and said I should go to doll camp taught by Patti Culea with her and her doll group which turned out to be filled.  After attending a couple of doll meetings, I joined the doll club and was lucky to attend the next club learning session with Gloria "Mimi" Winer.  I learned so much in those three days.  I need to complete the doll, but the info was amazing.  Just what I needed to push my self-taught knowledge to the next level.  At the end of that session, I knew I had definitely caught the doll making bug.  Being a newbie to doll making, our club is a great place to learn.  Others I've learned from as a member of the club include Shelly Hawkins, Lois , Barb K, Patti Culea (attend a three day class January 2013), Debby Tomcik(currently learning the art of clay doll making) and thanks to all of you who have shared your knowledge at our club meetings since I have been a member.

With all this knowledge and support the past two years, I gained the confident to enter a doll or two in the County Fair and they have won 1st and/or 2nd place.  Patty Smith, Stehanie Myer and I challenged each other to make and submit dolls to the You Did What? with that Pattern 2013 Contest for the Soft Dolls & Animals Magazine.  One of the dolls I submitted last year was published as one of those receiving the Honorable Mentions awards in the November 2013 issue.  To date, I have made a total of twelve dolls and look forward to learning so much more about doll making and making many many more dolls.


from Debra Tomcik: sculpting class will continue Sunday January 26 from 10 to 4. Anyone is welcome to drop in! Just rsvp. 760-943-8692 or
Meeting dates for the upcoming year: The fourth tuesday of the month.Jan 28, Feb 25, March 25, April 22, May 27, June 24, July 22, August 26, Sept 23, Oct 28, and Dec holiday party to be announced. We need signups to host upcoming meetings. Please sign up! 
Members' web sites: 
Lois Boncer- 
If you would like your website listed, please contact me so that I can include you on the list.

==========================End of January Newsletter==========================

Recycled News
Editor's Notes:  
 Each month in the Recycled News column we will include a few items from last month's newsletter announcements so that you have a reminder of these important events.  

The newsletter will evolve as we develop more content in the future.  You can help!  I can use notes, stories and other materials from you about your activities and happenings, your websites, any challenges you might want to organize, photographs of your work or studio, and other items that could be of interest to our doll making community!  Please contact me at:, or call me at 760-943-8692!

From Patti Culea: 
Caroline of Road to California Quilt Show (January 23-26, Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA) has contacted me about putting together a cloth doll exhibit for this next years show. I'm very excited about this as cloth dolls are becoming more and more popular and Caroline sees this. She's also been very supportive of the cloth doll world.  Barbara Willis & Betts Vidal have had a sales booth there for several years. Also, Pamela Armas of Treasures of the Gypsy is there with her booth filled with dolls.

Caroline is giving us a good space. Actually two booths. That means we can have at least 50 dolls and they'll be displayed well so people can see them in all their beauty. We'll also have good signage for each doll, and a booklet to hand out if people are interested.

The exhibit is called Imitation of Life in Cloth. The dolls must be made from cloth. This can be cotton, wool, knits, silks. This is a quilt show and we'd like to show the quilt world what we do with the same fabrics they use.

Many of you know I will be going in for major surgery Oct. 29. The recovery can be long, but with God's help I'll break the records. I will need help setting up the exhibit so will be calling a of you who live relatively close to Ontario, California.

Attached are two forms (at the end of our newsletter) - The invitation and exhibit forms. Details are in these, but if you have questions please contact me at my gmail address. I'll have my iPad with me in the hospital and can answer emails once I'm functional. Which will hopefully be very soon.
Contact Patty for further information:  Patti Culea,, 858-484-5118
From Barb Keeling:
Thank you to those who took part in my needle felting play day where everyone did a darling little bear. This was not an in-depth felting class. It was a free form, no pattern, have a ton of fun, stand out side of the box and JUST DO IT project. The only requirement was the bear needed to have blue ears. This is all part of a Special Challenge I am doing with Soft Dolls and Animals magazine focusing on one of my children’s stories called THE BLUE EARED BEAR, a story about Bullying.  Make sure you have sent me a photo of your bear from the play day so I can include it in my story.  Send it via an attachment to:  (here is my phone number 760 806-9109)

This information reposted from the emailed newsletter which is sent to members. To inquire about membership, please contact Lois Boncer.

Reminder!!!!!!!!!!     Your 2014 Dues are due!  Please send a check to: Sheila Godfrey, 908 Morse St, Oceanside, CA, 92054


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