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                               March 2014                                                                                                                                  
third meeting of a new year

6:30 March 25,2014
Hosted by Linda Adams 

Thank you Carrie for hosting our fun meeting dressing our ladies! I need pictures sent to me of your creations so that they can be printed in the next Blueprints. I can hardly wait to see the finished figures.

  Our next class project:
A Doll to Love Charity Project - March 25 and April 22

Come to Linda's house March 25 to begin the project we'll be finishing at Patti's house April 22.  Patti has donated her simple doll pattern - Frannie, a Friendship Doll - to use.  If you weren't at the February meeting she'll have them at the March meeting.  You won't need it before the meeting.  You can also use any simple doll pattern you might have in your file of doll patterns.  I love Tilda's simple dolls and they would be perfect for this project.

What is the charity?  Some of the dolls will go to a local nursing home to give to residents with Dementia and Alzheimer's.  They've found that women with these illnesses love holding a doll or stuffed animal.  It calms them.

The other charity is an organization that is rescuing children from the sex slavery business herd in San Diego.  These girls, many who are under the age of 13, need something to love.  Again, a doll or stuffed animal is something that is loved and needed.

What to bring:
March 25 - 6 fat quarters fabrics for the flesh parts, clothing, legs, shoes
Threads to match
Sewing machine & your basic sewing kit - which should include scissors, a small cutting matt, rotary cutter, ruler, pins, machine threads, hand sewing needles, etc.
It would be helpful if you copied the pattern pieces onto card stock, cut them out and taped the shoes to the legs before the meeting.

At the March meeting the doll will be sewn, not filled with stuffing.  That will be your homework in preparation for the April 22 meeting at Patti's.

April 22 - Body finished,  including the head without her features.  If you want to use the bits of fabric for Frannie's eyes, cheeks and lips have them ironed onto her face.  We'll embroider the rest at Patti's.  Bring scissors and embroidery needles.  Patti will provide embroidery thread and buttons.

If you want to draw and color the face with colored pencils, bring a mechanical pencil, eraser, permanent pens and colored pencils.

At the March meeting I'll have a list of the places we'll consider to donate these dolls to.  We can decide at that meeting which two we'd like.

News from Barb Keeling
congratulations on 6 pages!
Soft Dolls and Animals did a great job putting together my Blue Eared Bear & Friends Story.  It is a big story with a lot of funny and funky bears.  I did slip up and forgot to mention the name of the doll club sorry my goof up.  Hope you all get the magazine. 
Please join in the Blue Eared Bear Challenge. We all need to pay attention to the issue of bulling of these young kids. It is lovely when our "dolls" can deliver the message of hope and help.  

Here is the story book in Paperback form about the Blue Eared Bear plus a second story that it so much fun called Giggle Cookies.  Available on my website.  There is an audio CD of the book too. 

Please see Soft Dolls & Animals, April/May 2014 issue, for this wonderful article!

Happy Bear hugs,  barb keeling

 Patti Culea Workshop: Having fun with Mikaela

Patti's answer to the ball-jointed dolls. Come join Patti for a two day workshop making Mikaela, only this time there will be two weeks in between each workshop day. 

Dates: April 4 & 18, 2014
Time: 10am to 5pm both days
Place: Bits & Pieces Quilt Shop in Poway   858-679-5880
           12625 Danielson Ct  #111-112
cost: $180 for two full days
contact Bits & Pieces for reservations

Mikaela is a published pattern but during the class Patti will show you techniques to get the doll you want.

During the two days we'll draw, sculpt and color the face, color some of the body parts, create the fun ball-jointed hands and learning how to turn the fingers, make her corset, create fun shoes. Also learning easy bead embellishments and attaching the hair.
There is two weeks between the class days which will enable everyone to go home with a finished doll at the end of the workshop.
As part of the class fee you can choose one of Mikaela's other outfits so that she'll have options for her wardrobe.


Notice: I am compiling a birthday list please sent me yours!

From Debra Tomcik
Next sculpting class will be Sunday March 16 at 10. 
contact info: or 760-943-8692

Meeting dates for the upcoming year: The fourth tuesday of the month.  March 25, April 22, May 27, June 24, July 22, August 26, Sept 23, Oct 28, and Dec holiday party to be announced. We need signups to host upcoming meetings. Please sign up! 
Members web sights
Lois Boncer
Patti Culea
Barb Keeling
Debra Tomcik
If you would like your web sight listed please contact me so that I can include you on the list.  

The newsletter will evolve as we develop more content in the future.  You can help!  I can use notes, stories and other materials from you about your activities and happenings, your websites, any challenges you might want to organize, photographs of your work or studio, and other items that could be of interest to our doll making community!  Please contact me at:, or call me at 760-943-8692!

If anyone has dues to send in please send a check to: Sheila Godfrey, 908 Morse St, Oceanside, CA, 92054

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