Monday, October 13, 2014

October 2014 Newsletter

IOLCC Dolls for Charity
The September meeting was really exciting as all the dolls arrived to be shared with two charities. Six of the dolls will be given to ladies at Citrus Gardens, which is a group home for women suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers. We will be presenting the dolls Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 11:20am. If anyone wants to join us contact me, Patti – 858-484-5118, or
The other 18 dolls are looking for a home. The two places I had contacted have not called me back. Help!
Save the Date!
December 28, 2014 2-4:30pm Barbara Chapmans home
Our annual Holiday Party will be hosted by Barbara Chapman, of course. She’s always so gracious and is a wonderful hostess. More details in the next newsletter. But, do be thinking of a small object to exchange.
Our October meeting will be at Sharon Goldschneiders
Sharon has ordered 7-inch dolls from Dharma Trading
Company. She will be teaching 3 stitches--but will also have a sheet of many more stitches. A kit for each person that will be available with the total cost for the doll & kit $3.00. The kit will have a Needle- thread-ribbons-doll-and a piece of felt with backing. The felt piece will be used to practice the stitches before you put it on the

doll. Sharon will have a light box to trace other designs if you want.

Who to Contact
Newsletter & general information: Debra Tomcik
At the September meeting we voted on new “officers”. We are a casual group, so no president, but we have a new Treasurer, which we have to have. Cheryl Ripley has volunteered. We’ll be making that transfer as soon as Debbie returns from Iceland.
Treasurer’s Report:
Sheila, who has been our treasurer for years sent this in:
November meeting
We need someone to host our November meeting. Sharon did mention if everyone wants to continue with the stitching on the doll you are working on this month that could be continued?
Floral Follies with the 6 Doll Divas
February 18-22, 2015 at Piecemaker’s Country Store will be a very festive, and fun time.
Each of the 6 – Barbara Willis, elinor peace bailey, Betts Vidal, Sally Lampi, Gloria McKinnon and Patti Medaris Culea – will be providing participants with a doll body that you will then embellish. This is a rare opportunity to spend 3 days with the 6 friends who love sharing with anyone who will listen.
Contact Piecemaker’s to join us: 714-641-3112 or
Where is Piecemaker’s? 1720 E Adams in Costa Mesa. They have arranged special rates at various hotels in the area. Space is limited so sign up soon.


IOLCC Blueprints
Inside are the 'happenings' for the Imitation of Life Construction Company, better known as IOLCC.
We meet on the 4th Tuesday of most months at various members homes. Our meetings start at 6:30pm and end around 8:30pm. We do a lot of “hands on” projects, which you will read about inside.
A blog and website will be coming soon.

IOLCC Blueprints
Debra Tomcik, Editor 3530 Sitio Baya Carlsbad, CA 92009

Note: The dolls did all find homes!

The above is a partial re-post of the monthly newsletter which is sent to members has has more information and better graphics. Please contact one of our members if you would like to join our group or just visit us for one meeting.

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