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September 2014 Blueprints

September 2014 
We have no birthdays to report!
I don’t know about you but the summer has gone by really fast. It has been a busy time for this editor. Fall is already upon us. I am definitely looking forward to cooler weather.

Next meeting: Dolls due! I heard there are lots of them. There should be no excuse since we had to postpone the meeting till this mont

September 23- 6:30pm to 8:30pm ( or beyond )  Patti Culea's house

We'll be making fun tags to go with our dolls that will go to a nursing home and Rachel's House. [editors note: Patti has been collecting all sorts of wonderful things for us to play with in making these tags]  I have nearly all of Julie Nutting’s fun paper-doll rubber stamps.  We'll use those, along with fun papers to create tags to go with our dolls.

What to bring:  Paper scissors, glue, brown ink stamp pads, ribbons for the ties at the top of the tags, and some fun decorative papers to share.
What I'll have:  Paper tags to decorate, rubber stamps, paper flowers to embellish the tags, glitter
Other things to bring:  Your doll completely finished

See you then!

Carrie’s Dear Gabby
Hello ladies,
Well since there wasn't a meeting last month and I missed the meeting at Joanne's house..... Hmmm what to write about. As I'm sure Debby will mention this month our charity dolls are due. I hope everyone will come and bring their finished dolls. We definitely can't complain about not having enough time!!  I've made 3. Well actually 4. Lost one to the grand daughter.  I challenge all members to bring at least 1 doll.   Thanks again to Patti Culea for donating the patterns and giving our club the opportunity it give back.  

Last month I came across a little blurb in the local Poway paper. A senior's group here in Poway needed help stuffing dolls. The dolls were for children in hospitals here and also in Israel. I went and helped for a few hours. We stuffed 75 dolls. They are in need of fabric pieces to make a hospital gown for each doll. If you have large scraps ( fat quarter or a bit smaller) that you can donate please bring them to the meeting. I will deliver them to the group. 

A little personal news. My husband and I are now empty nesters. Our youngest son, Nathan left for NAU in Flagstaff Az. This has been a very hard transition for me. But he is doing great and loving the college and the town. He's definitely ready. I guess we've done our job.  Hopefully I will finish up some of these projects I started before Nathan was born! Right now I'm getting used to this "strange" kind of quiet. Hope to see everyone at Patti's.  
Hugs- Carrie

Lois wants to remind everyone that dues need to be paid at this next meeting! 

Upcoming events:: February 19-22, 2015. Floral Follies with elinor peace bailey, Patti Medaris Culea, Sally Lampi, Gloria McKinnon, Betts Vidal and Barbara Willis. Where: Piecemaker's Country Store, Costa Mesa, CA 714-641-3112. Three magical days with 6 friends who will guide you through the making of a floral themed doll. Actually dolls. All will be pre-sewn so that the time spent with each person will be on their embellishment expertise. This is similar to what they did in Australia, which was a roaring success. Hope to see you there.

With some of our dolls going to a facility for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients we can't use buttons.  They can be torn off and the patient can choke.  What I did was use the optional cheek circle to replace the buttons on Franny's eyes.

Those of you who have used buttons, those dolls will go to Rachel's House where battered women and children go for safety.  These people won't pull the buttons off and choke on them.  

+++++++ Other up coming meetings: 
Sharon so graciously changed the date of her upcoming meeting to October 28, 2014.
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