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Blueprints for April

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                              Newsletter of IOLCC  
                              April 2014                                                                                                                              
next meeting  April 22 6:30 at Patti Culea’s house

March meeting was so nicely hosted by Linda Adam. Patti summed the evening up so well and I quote:”What a fun evening we had Tuesday.  Those who didn't come really missed out.  Of course, we didn't get anything done, but we had fun anyway.”

  Our next class project:
A Doll to Love Charity Project -  April 22

What is the charity?  Some of the dolls will go to a local nursing home to give to residents with Dementia and Alzheimer's.  They've found that women with these illnesses love holding a doll or stuffed animal.  It calms them.

The other charity is an organization that is rescuing children from the sex slavery business herd in San Diego.  These girls, many who are under the age of 13, need something to love.  Again, a doll or stuffed animal is something that is loved and needed.

At the April meeting I'll have a list of the places we'll consider to donate these dolls to.  We can decide at that meeting which two we'd like.

Bring a finished body,  including the head without her features. If you used Patti's pattern - Fancy Frannie - don't put the head together.  Back the face with an embroidery stabilizer.  If you want to use the bits of fabric for Frannie's eyes, cheeks and lips have them ironed onto her face.  We'll embroider the rest at Patti's.  Bring scissors and embroidery needles.  Patti will provide embroidery thread and buttons.

A couple years ago DMC asked me to make a project for them.  They sent a huge box full of every type of thread they make.  The box was 4-feet by 2 1/2-feet by 1 1/2-feet, so you can imagine how much thread I have.  Unless you have a particular thread you simply have to use do not bring any to the meeting.

If you want to draw and color the face with colored pencils, bring a mechanical pencil, eraser, permanent pens and colored pencils.

Now onto Steampunk!

We  have set the date for a June tea! Our normal meeting date would be June24th. So the following Saturday will be our party Date: June 28 3:00.
Theme will be steam punk. We have some time to get excited about it!
 The may meeting will be a steampunk prep meeting. We will discuss what we will do at the next April meeting. Some of the ideas are as follow:
Everyone bring a hat to decorate {Patti has  tulle, ribbons we can use } or: We can make Fascinators, which are very Steampunk.  I did that at a neighborhood tea I hosted and everyone had a blast.  I had large hair-clips and we used silk flowers, feathers, ribbons, tulle to make our Fascinators.  
Or:  Everyone bring a wrist cuff to decorate - bring Steampunk style gears and charms to decorate - again, I've got quite a few gears and cogs left from teaching my Steampunk doll.

For the tea everyone will bring traditional Victorian tea foods and lots of tea!
Lavender creams, sliced cucumber sandwiches, a cheese board with Camembert and White Stilton with Ginger, scones with clotted cream and lemon curd, etc. {are you hungry yet?} 

Come in something steampunk and there will be a doll challenge. { If you took Patti’s class you have already} More information will be in the next newsletter.


What is Steampunk? Think Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in 80 days, War of the Worlds, etc.  Also, Alice in Wonderland and Tic-Tok from the Wizard of Oz series.  Actually, all of Baum's books would be from that genre.  It is Victoriana meets Science Fiction.  It's when the steam engine came into action.  The Industrial Revolution.  Great era, but one I'm glad I didn't have to live in.

web sight of interest for Steampunk:

And, here's a couple events happening in San Diego to whet our appetites:

Gaslight Gathering - May 2-4 - Town & Country Hotel
This is our own Steampunk convention.  Born and raised here in San Diego.

WinkieCon - the 50th Wizard of Oz convention - Aug. 8-10 - Town & Country Convention Center
This will be a huge event as they will be celebrating the 75 anniversary of the movie The Wizard of Oz, and the 50th anniversary of their convention.  The theme this year is Tik-Tok, who is very Steampunk.

From mind of Barb Keeling:
Hi Everyone: 
POT HEADS: a cute quick project from Barb Keeling. Darling décor for your houseplants: Make a doll head for your houseplants. 
Depending on the size of your plant will be up to you to decide on the size of the “doll head’ you do.  On average I do heads from 2 ½”” x 3” to 3” x 4 ½”.I like the flat face heads better for this sort of project. It is easier to see them in the plant. 
Go ahead and make your doll head.  Paint on the face and put on hair.  Close up the opening in the doll head.  If that is at the bottom or neck area, leave a small opening and insert a long wood skewer. Otherwise poke a hole in the head bottom and push through a skewer.  Push that up into the head so the head does not wobble.  Then ‘jam the skewer with the head on top into the dirt of the houseplant. Your Pot Head will enjoy the view from your plant.  Doug sometimes calls the ones he does POT STICKER and he will often do a little sign he does on foam “board” that says WATER ME.   Anyway jump into to this fun and easy project.  This is a great use for left over heads in your bone box. Remember I still sell some doll making supplies on my website.  Barb Keeling 
Well Spring is here and makes us sometimes think of our plants. 

Cheryl shared with us a wonderful fashion show that the Chula Vista woman’s club put on and Cheryl ,Patti and I went too. It was 100 year old fashions! 

Notice: I am compiling a birthday list please sent me yours!

From Debra Tomcik

contact info: or 760-943-8692
Future dates for class: May 4, June 8, July 6, August 10
We have so much fun!

Meeting dates for the upcoming year: The fourth tuesday of the month. May 27, June 28th tea, July 22, August 26, Sept 23, Oct 28, and Dec holiday party to be announced. We need signups to host upcoming meetings. Please sign up

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If you would like your web site listed please contact me so that I can include you on the list.  

The newsletter will evolve as we develop more content in the future.  You can help!  I can use notes, stories and other materials from you about your activities and happenings, your websites, any challenges you might want to organize, photographs of your work or studio, and other items that could be of interest to our doll making community!  Please contact me at:, or call me at 760-943-8692!


Note from Stephanie: I am reposting parts of the newsletter as a courtesy to people who may not be members. Please contact Lois Boncer if you would like to become a member.

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