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June Newsletter


 June 2014                                                                                                                   

Happy Birthday to Lois {7th] Vivienne {9th} & Barb Keeling {15th}
June Tea 
June 28th at 3:00

June tea is almost here. Steampunk full steam ahead! We will meet at my house  at 3:00
It will be a traditional tea with steampunk flavor. I will be sending another email around with signups of what to bring. As people list their contributions the list will continue to go out so that everyone can see what is being brought and what might still be needed.

We will have fasionators for everyone to wear if you don’t have your own and a table to make another one.

Bring yourself, ask someone else who likes to have fun to join us, your doll challenge, dress in costume, traditional Victorian foods and your sense of delight with social interaction with people of like mind.

Editors note:
I did not know that much about steampunk till I started hunting for information for this tea. I found out I love the idea. I have always been a fan of science fiction and also a fan of the victorian era. Little did I know that there was a genre combining both. Classic science fiction set in the Victorian age which is the time period of great exploration and discovery. This time in history also gave rise to science fiction writers starting with Mary Shelly’s “Frankeinstein”. 
H.G. Wells and Jules Vern mostly comes to mind when thinking of steampunk although there were lots of lesser know authors writing  about mad scientists traveling the world in airships and steam driven robots in a time way before computers and airplanes.
There are a lot of movies that I did not even know were steam punk and were some of my favorites like Howl’s Moving Castle, League of Extraordiary Gentleman, Wild wild West, Firefly, The Prestge to name a few. I was surprised at how many I own

Carrie’s Dear Gabby

Hello Ladies,
Debby has asked me to do a monthly “column” for the newsletter. Since she knows flattery works every time, of course I agreed. I was thinking of calling it “Dear Gabby”… :]
Last months Steampunk class was so fun. We made Fascinators in all shapes and sizes, with feathers, gears, tool, lace ect. and hot glue galore. Many thanks to Debby and Patti Culea for their generosity, donations and exceptional talent!
We had 11 ladies in attendance. Its always so nice to sew and chat with such incredible women.
Extra headpieces are being made by members to bring to our next meeting. So no excuses ladies. Please come and join the fun! It is our summer  Steampunk potluck to be held at Debby’s house, which will also be our June doll club meeting. [*please note date and time change for June meeting]
Our charity dolls are due in August. Please keep this special project at the top of your list. [As a last minute person this reminder is for me as well!] The dolls are going to such a great cause. I can’t wait to see them all. Thanks again to Patti C. for donating the patterns and for the fabric and lace. Giving to others is it’s own reward.
Lastly, Patty Smith recently had another surgery. She’s such a trooper. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. See you all in a few weeks.

Happy Stitching, Carrie

Are you working on your steampunk doll to bring to the tea?

web sights of interest for Steampunk
Or type in steampunk and all sort of things pop up!
And, here's a event happening in San Diego to whet our appetites:

WinkieCon - the 50th Wizard of Oz convention - Aug. 8-10 - Town & Country Convention Center
This will be a huge event as they will be celebrating the 75 anniversary of the movie The Wizard of Oz, and the 50th anniversary of their convention.  The theme this year is Tik-Tok, who is very Steampunk.

Here are some challenges/swaps online:
 Steampunk Mini-doll and Pin Doll Swap.   Deadline 7/31/14.  rules and sign-up at
Magazines wanting photos of your dolls:
1) Soft Dolls and Animals: send 300 dpi photos to or mail to 2145 W. Sherman Blvd., Norton Shores, MI 49441-3434
Medieval Times: deadline July 9, 2014
 Storybook Characters: deadline September 9, 2014
2) Doll Collector: send 300 dpi photos to  or mail to the address above.
Santas: deadline September 1, 2014       

With some of our dolls going to a facility for Alzheimers and Dementia patients we can't use buttons.
 They can be torn off and the patient can choke.
 What I did was use the optional cheek circle to replace the buttons on Franny's eyes.

Those of you who have used buttons, those dolls will go to Rachel's House where battered women and children go for safety.
These people won't pull the buttons off and choke on them.  

The deadline for the dolls to be finished will be at our August meeting, which will be at Patti Culea's house.
 She will have dates for presenting the dolls and those who want to attend let her know.
 The dolls that go to Rachel's House will have to go annonymously.
But, the person who takes them will make sure they are given to those who truly need them.

+++++++ Other up coming meetings: 
July- hosted by Joann Doset: Africa pictures and stick medicine man project and
pictures of Africa
August- charity dolls due hosted by Patti Culea also will make tags for the dolls.
August- hosted by Patti Culea:charity dolls 
September-Sharon Goldschneider- emborderey project
Members websites:
Lois Boncer                                         Patti Culea                          Barb Keeling                        

Debra Tomcik

If anyone has dues to send in please send a check to: Sheila Godfrey, 908 Morse St, Oceanside, CA, 92054

Poster's note: The above is a re-post of the email newsletter sent to members of the club. The email newsletter has photos and additional information. Contact Lois Boncer or Sheila Godfrey if you would like to become a member.


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