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August Newsletter


August 2014 
Blueprints this month is going to be short and sweet. Summertime is a busy time for everyone! This month we have a busy time with birthdays:
Happy Birthday to Sharon Goldschrieder [6th] Arline Lowenthal [8th] Gloria Hazel [25] and Sheila Godfrey [27]

Thank you Joann Dosset for hosting a lovely July evening of stories and pictures from Africa.

Next meeting: The August Meeting has been cancelled. Please check your email for more details.

August 26 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm ( or beyond )  Patti Culea's house

We'll be making fun tags to go with our dolls that will go to a nursing home and Rachel's House.  I have nearly all of Julie Nuttings fun paper-doll rubber stamps.  We'll use those, along with fun papers to create tags to go with our dolls.

What to bring:  Paper scissors, glue, brown ink stamp pads, ribbons for the ties at the top of the tags, and some fun decorative papers to share.
What I'll have:  Paper tags to decorate, rubber stamps, paper flowers to embellish the tags, glitter
Other things to bring:  Your doll completely finished

See you then!

upcoming events:
from lois
Here are some challenges/swaps online:
Doll Street: 1) self-portrait doll,  either a character or realistic.  Due Aug. 31st;  
FOCD: fairy tale or children's book characters,  due Aug. 15th.  Run by Jeanne White,
Magazines wanting photos of your dolls:
1) Soft Dolls and Animals: send 300 dpi photos to or mail to 2145 W. Sherman Blvd., Norton Shores, MI 49441-3434
 Storybook Characters: deadline September 9, 2014
2) Doll Collector: send 300 dpi photos to  or mail to the address above.
Santas: deadline September 1, 2014  

With some of our dolls going to a facility for Alzheimers and Dementia patients we can't use buttons.  They can be torn off and
 the patient can choke.  What I did was use the optional cheek circle to replace the buttons on Franny's eyes.

Those of you who have used buttons, those dolls will go to Rachel's House where battered women and children go for safety.
These people won't pull the buttons off and choke on them.  

The deadline for the dolls to be finished will be at our August meeting, which will be at Patti Culea's house.
 She will have dates for presenting the dolls and those who want to attend let her know.
The dolls that go to Rachel's House will have to go annonymously.
But, the person who takes them will make sure they are given to those who truly need them.

+++++++ Other up coming meetings: 
August- charity dolls due hosted by Patti Culea also will make tags for the dolls.
September-Sharon Goldschneider- emborderey project
Members web sites
Lois Boncer                                         Patti Culea                          Barb Keeling   

Debra Tomcik

The above is a partial re-post of the monthly email newsletter for members.

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